Practical help and updates

Providing practical help
2013-14 saw 136 requests for practical help to The Regulatory Support Centre
provides clarity on process and interprets requirements specific to your project, enabling you to drive
your research forward.

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Human Tissue Summaries
Last year we reviewed our legislative summaries, new versions will be released this year.

Keeping you up to date
Our quarterly emails provide regulatory news, details of events and consultations.

You can subscribe to these email updates by contacting

Looking forward

  • We will keep you abreast of new developments e.g. “HRA Assessment and Approval”.
  • We are investigating the use of Apps to provide guidance in more accessible formats.

During 2014 we will seek future funding. Thanks for your words of support, it’s great to hear that we are
making a real difference.

“Excellent pragmatic examples” “REC approval received!
Very much appreciated.”
“Thanks… I don’t know where we
would be without the RSC!”
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