Working across the MRC and beyond

We have strong working relationships with MRC Head Office, Units and University Units, and have strengthened links with our University partners. Our practical help, training and networking opportunities serve the MRC and our University partners alike.

Our Research Governance and Human Tissue fora provide support and networking opportunities to those with specific governance responsibilities. Through the fora we promote risk proportionate approaches to ensure research is delivered effectively and in a timely manner.

Supporting the University Unit transfer process
We are keen that experiences and learning from previous University Unit transfers inform future transfers. To this end, the research governance forum has been invited to provide input to the University Unit Tool Kit, recently revised by Head Office.

“Great opportunity for university staff
to keep up to date and talk to others"

Working with the MRC Corporate Affairs Group
During 2013-14 we have led the revision of MRC’s guidance: Human Tissue and Biological Samples for Use in Research with a group of experts. This will be launched later in the year.

We have shared our expertise in e-learning development, reviewing the Corporate Affairs Group’s Good Research Practice module. This module will be hosted on a dedicated section of the Regulatory Support Centre’s learning management system.


Looking forward

  • We will develop a practical framework on research record retention; empowering the community to decide what to retain, for how long and in what format.
  • We will build further links to increase networking across the University sector assessing how best to support this group.
  • We will build new partnerships (e.g. with the Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research, to facilitate the exploitation of existing data sets for research).
  • We will develop a workshop to support the MRC / Wellcome Trust Health Related Findings Framework, using examples to help apply this in practice.
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